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About Us

Behind the Screed is dedicated to communicating new advances in Evotherm® warm-mix asphalt – a technology that is revolutionizing the world of road paving. Warm-mix asphalt has many documented benefits to the environment, to paving contractors and to construction professionals who work in the asphalt industry on a daily basis. Behind the Screed will highlight and celebrate these benefits.

Behind the Screed provides readers with information and insight for all things related to warm-mix asphalt. With key editorial focus on the technical, environmental and financial benefits of warm-mix asphalt, you’ll find practical, real-time information that can be put to use immediately. Our authors have well over 30+ years experience in the surfactant chemistry, chemical engineering, technical engineering and business development.

North America Locations

Charlston DTC

Technical Service / Customer Service

5255 Virginia Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29406 3615
Tel: +1 843 740 2300

Manufacturing Locations

Charleston plant 3 copy

Ingevity, Charleston
5598 Virginia Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29406 3615

DeRidder Night copy

Ingevity, DeRidder
400 Crosby Road
DeRidder, LA 70634


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