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3 posts from July 2016

July 18, 2016

The Faces of Evotherm: Brandon Milar

MilarWe are pleased to introduce Brandon Milar, southwest region Technical Marketing Manager. In his role with Ingevity, Brandon takes pride in providing insight into the use of chemistry to improve asphalt pavement performance and construction. At the Utah Asphalt Paving Association 2016 Conference, he recently presented “Anti-strip in Asphalt Pavements,” one of many papers and presentations Brandon has made in his tenure in the asphalt industry. Recently, we sat down with Brandon to learn more about him.

Amy Chiconas (AC): “Name one place in particular where would you like to live.”

Brandon Milar (BM): “On the California coast. Pebble Beach overlooking the golf course at the Cypress Point Club.”

AC: “Who are your heroes in life?”  

BM: “My dad and grandpa.”

AC: “Name the one natural talent you’d like to be gifted with.”

BM: “The ability to remember everyone's name.”

AC: “What’s one of your favorite things about your role at Ingevity?”

BM: “Knowing that by the end of the day I will learn something new.”

Brandon cites his favorite project memory as: “Field support on a project on the north rim of the Grand Canyon. I stood on an overlook and realized the importance of access to the natural wonders of our world.” He is inspired by the wisdom of the legendary Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.” When not learning something new or marveling at nature, Brandon can be found cooking and enjoying a great meal with close friends and family, gardening, landscaping, and constructing parade floats.

Like what you’re reading in these Faces of Evotherm posts? Or want to know something else about our featured employees? Send us an email at Amy.Chiconas@ingevity.com. And stay tuned for the next Faces of Evotherm feature.

Oklahoma Is Where It's At

OKDOT LTPPHow does warm mix asphalt (WMA) perform compared to hot mix asphalt (HMA) in the long term? How is foam different than chemical additives? What happens to an asphalt mix when WMA is used in conjunction with RAP? These and many other questions are on the minds of USDOT, FHWA and State Highway Agency leadership. In order to find answers, the FHWA’s LTPP launched a new Specific Pavement Study (SPS) that will monitor the long-term performance of WMA. The purpose of the SPS-10 experiment, as explained on LTPP’s website, is to “narrow the knowledge gap that currently exists between the performance of WMA and HMA pavements...SPS-10...is designed to explore how a set of primary factors influence pavement performance. These factors include the WMA technology used, environmental elements (temperature and moisture), and traffic loadings.”

Projects are planned across the U.S. The first projects were constructed in 2015, with plans to construct more in 2016. Currently, the SHA tracks the project’s performance for five to six years post construction, with performance data being posted to the FHWA’s LTPP Database.

Each project has three core test sections: a HMA control, WMA with foam, and WMA with a chemical additive. Highway agencies have the opportunity to include supplemental test sections in order to perform additional research that meets their specific needs. The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is a great example of an Agency that is strategically partnering with the FHWA, LTPP and other key players in order to monitor road performance. As part of ODOT’s trial, contractor TJ Campbell chose to use Evotherm® and Evoflex® CA. Ingevity, under the leadership of Richard Steger, P.E., is also assisting ODOT with asphalt binder and mix testing. These results are expected in approximately two months, while LTPP is expected to publish their data by 2017.

We applaud ODOT on their SPS-10 efforts and look forward to the results. Keep up the great work while we wait.


2016 NAPA Awards: Customers Shine

NAPANAPA announced the Operational Excellence Awards In the July-August 2016 edition of Asphalt Pavement magazine. View here for more information. Ingevity would like to highlight three customers who were honored as winners in the Ecological Awards category.

Ajax Paving in North Venice, FL, won the Existing Plant Award, being recognized for supporting the ecological development and operation of its asphalt plants, as well as for its forward-thinking approach when concerning care of the environment and its surrounding natural resources.

Payne & Dolan Inc, of Waukesha, WI, earned the New Plant Award, for its commitment to minimizing its ecological footprint at the Control #10 plant in LaGrange, WI. Jim Mertes, Payne & Dolan’s Environmental Manager, discusses the benefits his company has experienced since switching to warm mix production, including a significant reduction in fuel usage, improved compaction, and an extended paving season, which is critically important in the Wisconsin weather.

Staker Parson Companies, based in Ogden, UT, won as Finalist, New Plant. Environmental Advisor Patrick Clark commented on how warm mix has helped the company to achieve a five percent energy reduction due to a decreased need for fuel to heat the asphalt mix, and to increase haul distances by up to three hours.

Congratulations to all these sustainable companies on their Evotherm Trifecta in the NAPA Awards. Keep up the work and thank you for paving the way to such remarkable impacts.


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