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May 14, 2014

Ketchikan International Airport


Frommer's states that "In Alaska, there is no spring." It was not very warm in April when Knik Construction started paving Ketchikan International Airport so they chose Evotherm warm mix techology to provide a compaction and workability aid for the cold and wet jobsite conditions.  The mix was 100% virgin with a PG64 -28 AC containing Evotherm terminally blended by US Oil.  

Initial production temperatures were 320°F with a 3-5 minute haul from the onsite portable plant to the taxiways and aprons.  Good density was achieved using 4 passes of the breakdown roller and a finish roller. At this production temperature, the mix was a little tender under the breakdown roller. This sometimes required the roller to back off before getting on the mat.  Production temperatures were lowered to 300 °F  to remedy the tenderness issue, and the same rolling pattern was ran.  Densities thoroughout measured at 94%-96%.

With the success of lowering the production temperature on this project, Knik is moving ahead on additional Evotherm WMA projects. Our field team is always eager to help support these jobs in beautiful Alaska. 


Author: Jason Mapes


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