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February 13, 2014

Mix Design Time


It’s the off season! Hopefully you made it back from NAPA’s meeting in sunny Boca Raton safely. Around here the ice is falling and school keeps getting called off. Meanwhile our Technical Marketing Managers around the country are busy because it’s also MIX DESIGN SEASON.

Are you planning now to take advantage of the benefits of Evotherm WMA technology? Perusing our last monthly report, here’s what contractors around the country are working on:

  • Incorporating Evotherm into rubber mix designs
  • Planning a higher RAP study with Evotherm and Evoflex with the  DOT
  • Talking to a sister company to learn how to eliminate 2 rollers from the paving train
  • Introducing RAS and Evoflex into mixes
  • Switching back to Evotherm after an ill-fated dalliance with another WMA technology
  • Evaluating the feasibility of converting from lime to 100% Evotherm WMA
  • Converting all possible projects to Evotherm WMA
  • Using the Evotherm calculator to identify value
  • Planning a field evaluation of Evotherm and Evoflex
  • Optimizing SMA mix to completely eliminate fibers
  • Installing a bulk Evotherm tank
  • Designing fiber-free OGFC + Evotherm mixes
  • Developing a porous pavement OGFC specification for low-volume roads with the County

The variety of projects going on across the country is really impressive. If you are working on something not listed, please add it via the comment box. If you don’t have any Evotherm WMA projects going on, should you?

Author: Heather Dolan


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