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July 23, 2013

Highest Amount of Recycled Material Yet

Cdot logoWorkable mix. Extended time from plant to paver. Highest-ever use of recycled materials. Testing and densities within specification. These are the elements that made the recent City of Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) "superpave" job a success behind the screed.

The job commissioned by CDOT involved paving a downtown city street that required a mix that would perform well with an extended haul time from plant to jobsite; employ use of recycled materials; and achieve necessary densities and compaction. Evotherm was selected for its unique characteristics - including the capability to maximize the use of  RAP and RAS and to act as a superior compaction and workability aid.  

Everyone was impressed with Evotherm's performance on this job. The asphalt mix was produced at 30°F lower than the standard temperature for this particular mix, with Evotherm being used as a compaction and workability aid.  The time for the mix to get from the plant to behind the screed was over one hour due to jobsite location and traffic.  Even with the extended time from plant to paver, the addition of Evotherm made the mix very workable.

This job also achieved a notable milestone - using the highest amount of recycled materials.  Over two-thirds of the asphalt binder in the mix was recycled from either reclaimed asphalt pavement or recycled asphalt shingles - the highest amount of recycled materials in any Evotherm job we've done to date.

Author: Jason Mapes




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