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February 08, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Response

6876241505_9342ed2055_nNew York City DOT has chosen to use MWV's Evotherm warm mix asphalt technology for all of their Hurricane Sandy response paving. Evotherm allows NYC DOT to pave this winter and early spring despite the low temperatures and long distances to the affected areas. After initial demonstration work with Evotherm in sub-freezing temperatures in 2008, NYC DOT used Evotherm WMA for late season paving in 2011. 
Hurricane Sandy dealt the New York City area a devastating blow in late October 2012. With approval of the Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill in January, NYC DOT once again turned to Evotherm warm mix asphalt technology for their winter paving needs. Traditional hot mix asphalt is almost impossible to work with in winter temperatures, becoming hard and forming clumps in the truck on the way to paving sites that are an hour away without traffic.
To get the job done, NYC DOT is producing Evotherm WMA at their Harper Street asphalt plant and purchasing Evotherm WMA asphalt mix from three private asphalt companies.The streets are looking beautiful and the term "amazing" is being thrown around by quality control engineers.  MWV is just glad that we can be a small contributor to helping the region affected by Hurricane Sandy get back on the road.
Author: Bryan Pecht


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