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June 12, 2012

Asphalt replacing Concrete in the Big Dig

Twitter is buzzing with the news that the concrete paving used for Boston's Big Dig project is failing after only nine years when it was supposed to last 30 years. MassDOT says "The frequency of the problem now warrants a complete removal of the concrete and repaving with hot mix asphalt pavement." Repairs are set to begin on June 16th. Frank Depaola, State Highway Administrator, says "If I was in charge of the project at the time, we would not have used that material."

You can watch video from WHDH in Boston here.

Author: Heather Dolan


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I know of a street near here that needs asphalt paving in Attleboro, MA. It would look so much better and be nice an smooth again to drive on. I hope they get the pot holes fixed soon.

Thanks for the info on asphalt seattle! I appreciate it.

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