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Ontario's Paver of the Year

Cruickshank Paver of the Year

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation named Cruickshank Construction Paver of the Year for their work on the Napanee stretch of Highway 401. The project was completed in the fall of 2014. Cruickshank earned the majority of the bonuses achievable on the project for mix properties and compaction, and full bonus for smoothness and segregation," said CEO Steve Cruickshank. This became a classic example of how Evotherm warm mix asphalt technology combines with excellent paving practices to yield bonuses for ride and compaction that lead to top road performance.

Crews had to complete 9,929 meters (6 miles) of crack repair to the HMA layers overlying the concrete base. After full depth repairs were made, the top 50 mm was milled and then repaved with a 50-mm lift of SP 19mm followed by a 40 mm lift of SP 12.5mm GC2 for a total thickness of about 240 mm. 

Author: Bryan Pecht


EPIC Visit


Asphalt Institute’s EPIC program participants visited MWV to learn more about asphalt additives. Following an overview of ways additives are used in the industry, the group toured the laboratory facilities. Professionals from a variety of backgrounds are accepted into the Asphalt Institute’s 10-month EPIC program, which leaves graduates with a better understanding of the diverse asphalt industry. As part of this year’s curriculum, participants have also visited a refinery, a roofing manufacturer, and a liquid asphalt terminal. We enjoyed meeting some of the asphalt industry's future leaders and thank you for including us as one of your tours. 


 Author: Heather Dolan

4-Peat at Best in Colorado

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Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association held their 21st Annual "Best in Colorado" asphalt pavement awards dinner and program in February. Evotherm customers took home three of the awards including:

  1. Colorado DOT Quality in Asphalt Production Winner: Coulson Excavating Company in the 20,000 to 100,000 tons category.
  2. Project Delivery Winner: APAC Southern Construction Co for Interstate 70, Vail Pass, Straight Creek in CDOT Region 3
  3. Preventive Maintenance Surface Treatment Winner: Brannan Sand and Gravel for State Highway 40, Deer Trail to Byers in CDOT Region 1
  4. Rural Highway Reconstruction Winner: Kiewit Infrastructure for Interstate 25, Colorado Springs to Monument in CDOT Region 2

Evotherm is proud to pave the Colorado roadways! The contractors in Colorado continue to inspire the asphalt industry with their determination and dedication to improve performance, project delivery, quality, and smoothness.


Author: Mike O'Leary 


NAPA Survey Time Again


NAPA is currently seeking data from U.S. asphalt mix producers about the use of warm mix and RAP, RAS, GTR, and other recycled/reclaimed materials during the 2014 construction season.

This annual survey, conduced each year for FHWA, is seeking responses for all asphalt mix producers (commercial and municipal) in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the territories. Response are requested by April 30. 

Jump straight to the survey! LINK



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