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Colorado Flood Response Continues


Due to warm mix asphalt's success on flood response projects last fall, the Colorado Asphalt Pavement Association has indicated that the remaining 850 million in flood repair work will be completed using warm mix. Last year, contractors from Colorado and surrounding states utilized Evotherm warm mix asphalt to reconnect communities cut off by damage from 500-year floods. 

Tom Peterson, CAPA executive director, worked with contractors and agencies to implement warm mix technology. "We told them WMA would be perfect, as the contractors needed to get in, place the material and compact it very quickly," Clayton said. "Going up in thos canyons wtih very little sunlight, and three-hour hauls, there is no way they could heat the asphalt high enough to retain workability without burning the light ends of the binder off, making the material virtually useless."

Kiewit Infrastructure and Coulson Excavating utilized Evotherm WMA on US. 34 where the flood had completely wiped out the roadbed in some places. Ken Coulson, president, Coulson Excavating, said, "The 4-in deep pavement was placed in one lift. It turned out so good that they may never mill it out."


The current issue of Roads & Bridges contains a full article by Tom Kuennen on the asphalt industry's flood response efforts.

Author: Heather Dolan


Conference Season!

Photo (35)

Winter conference season is upon us. Evotherm technical marketing managers are active in many state and national organizations, presenting the latest developments in warm mix asphalt technology. Just this month, they'll be at the APA of Indiana conference, the Missouri APA conference, the SCAPA Winter Conference, and the PA Asphalt Paving Association meeting. Miss us there? Catch up at the NAPA Annual Meeting or email evotherm@mwv.com to set up a meeting at your site.


Colorado Flood Response

Colorado Governor flood

500-year floods ripped through Colorado in September. Governor John Hickenlooper promised the public that the roads would be open by Dec. 1st. The floods destroyed 250 miles of roads and 50 bridges. They washed out Hwy 34, Hwy 36, and Hwy 7, cuttting off several communities. Reconnecting these towns before winter became a top priority. Warm mix was used on a portion of all of these roads to combat the cool temperatures and long hauls.

Coulson Excavating, Asphalt Specialties, and Aggregate Industries all utilized Evotherm supplied by Suncor Energy for repair work. The highway dept described the repair as "pioneering". Permanent reconstruction to be completed in 2014 will have an estimated price tag of $250 million.

Local contractors and contractors from surrounding states pulled togather and accomplished this feat in record time. Most people said they could not do it in the time the governor promised. They had to move over 500 million tons of material and pave with nearly 100 thousand tons of warm mix. The Colorado DOT opened US 36 on November 4th (one month early!), US 34 on November 21st and Highway 7 on November 26th. While nobody wants to see disasters like this, the asphalt industry proves time and time again that we have what it takes to respond quickly and professionally, with a pioneering spirit.


Author: Mike O'Leary



So Many (Concrete) Potholes

I264 before and after

Sometimes things get bad, really bad. Potholes littered the concrete of Virginia's Interstate 264. "I have never seen so many potholes. Chunks of pothole debris all over the roadway and flying up on cars," wrote a district facility manager as reported by the Virginian-Pilot. Vehicles were getting flat tires and "hundreds" of claims were coming in. In response,  VDOT  created an emergency, district-wide contract for on-call concrete patching and sought  help from the Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research. 

In the end, it was time for "a dreamy new coating of asphalt". Crews from Branscome Paving applyed a thin layer of asphalt containing Evotherm technology over much of I-264 in Norfolk in late October. As the video shows, crews transformed the commute from a coffee spilling nightmare to a latte sipping dream. VDOT will begin adding additional inches of asphalt beginning in the spring to bolster the pavement. 




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