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VOTE! America's Transportation Awards

Colorado's September 2013 Flood Response is one of top 10 projects selected for the 2014 America's Transportation Awards competition sponsored by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, AAA, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. "These 10 remaining projects are the best of the best," said Bud Wright, AASHTO executive director. "This competition recognizes excellence in project delivery. It's about saving time and taxpayers' money and improving the ability of people, manufacturers, farmers and service providers to move themselves and their goods, reliably, every day."
The nation will decide through online voting which of the projects will receive the People's Choice Award. A panel of experts will select the Grand Prize winner. Online voting begans Sept. 8, and will continue through Friday, Oct. 24, at http://AmericasTransportationAwards.org. Individuals are welcome to vote up to 10 times per day for their favorite projects.
Colorado Department of Transportation's $50 million quick and efficient response to damage caused by the major September 2013 floods greatly improved the lives of state residents. CDOT coordinated with the National Guard, local leaders and residents, and private contractors to reopen the last of the closed roadways in December 2013, just 10 weeks after the catastrophic event. You can learn more about Evotherm's involvement in the project here.
The Grand Prize and People's Choice award winners will each earn a $10,000 donation from AASHTO on behalf of the winning state DOT to a charity or scholarship fund of its choosing. Both awards will be presented Nov. 23 at the AASHTO Annual Meeting in Charlotte.
Author: Jonathan MacIver.



The Road is the Place to Be

Thanks to the Asphalt Pavement Alliance for getting this song stuck in my head this morning!


 The Asphalt Pavement Alliance created this video to spotlight the driveability of asphalt pavements.

Author: Heather Dolan

Evoflex in the Deep South


Mid-South Paving maximized their binder replacement utilizing Evoflex and Evotherm warm mix asphalt. For the Alabama DOT's Highway 31 project, Mid-South Paving achieved 42% binder replacement by adding 25% RAP and 5% RAS. MWV's newest product, Evoflex CA, was added to the PG67-22 binder to allow for the high amount of recycled content, while Evotherm warm mix asphalt technology improved compaction. 

Production temperatures averaged 265-275 F and temperatures behind the screed ranged from 220-265F. Densities met the project requirment of 94% of GMM. APAC was very pleased with the workability and ease of achieving density on a mix with such a high binder replacement. 


Author: Alex Arnold


New Solution for Rural Roads

Adams Run 4

MWV Asphalt Innovations and Charleston County are collaboating to improve the method and materials used to pave low-volume dirt roads in South Carolina and the Southeast. These efforts resulted in a reduction of construction costs from an estimated $1.1 million to approximately $350,000 for the Joseph White Road project.  

Rural roads present many challenges to counties across the country. These low-volume roads are commonly one to two lanes wide with natural, gravel or other surfacing and may have been constructed to relatively low standards with a limited budget while forming the transportation backbone of many communities.  Matthew Fountain is the Engineering Manager with Charleston County Public Works. “We need to pave these roads because the regular maintenance is overwhelming...Not to mention the expense.  We need something that is economical, constructible, and sustainable.” 

Sanders Brothers Construction started with the SCDOT standard open graded friction course (OGFC) mix designed for interstate traffice. They first adjusted the aggregate gradation to accomodate locally sourced material. The lower traffic load requirements allowed for the use of a PG64-22 binder supplied by Associated Asphalt instead of polymer modified asphalt.  The addition of Evotherm warm mix asphalt technology allowed the removal of expensive fibers and lime while maintaining drawdown standards and adhesion properties. The resulting Charleston County mix was engineered to perform as a 2” lift as the final surface course.

Stormwater management is critical in the southeast where flooding rainstorms are a part of summertime. Transitioning a dirt road to a pervious pavement improves the road surface for residents while eliminating the need for drainage ditches and their associated easement issues (no digging up someone's front yard). In a few short hours, the residents of Adams Run residents and commuters of Joseph White Road saw it transformed from a dusty road to a freshly paved street that was ready to use. 


An added bonus is how well the road handles the summer rain - much better than the old dirt road!


Author: Dean Frailey


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