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September 12, 2016

Going Municipal in Minneapolis

Going Municipal in Minneapolis
For over 120 years, the APWA has held their annual conference for public works professionals across the U.S. This year, Minneapolis hosted the more than 5,000 colleagues in attendance. Branding itself for the first time as “PWX 2016,” the event offered new education formats, innovations and technologies, as well as... Read more

The Recycling Race

The Recycling Race
For years, agencies in the U.S. have been leading the way when it comes to combining sustainable road building practices with a warm mix technology like Evotherm®. Take recycled asphalt pavement (RAP), for example. Many U.S. agencies have shared numerous success stories about how the performance of their mix has... Read more

Faces of Evotherm: David Newton

Faces of Evotherm: David Newton
David Newton, Technical Marketing Manager, is responsible for Ingevity’s additives business in N.C. for liquid anti-strips and Evotherm® warm mix technology. He also provides leadership for the Evoflex™ RMA product line across North America. Amy Chiconas (AC): “What’s your idea of happiness?” David Newton (DN): “An afternoon on the boat... Read more

August 15, 2016

Evotherm YouTube Channel Grows

How familiar are you with Evotherm's YouTube channel, EvothermWMA? If not very, then there's no better time than now! We've put together a series of videos in an effort to bring life to the various benefits customers experience when using Evotherm. Check out the most recent video, "Evotherm and RAP,"... Read more

Coming next on "Connecting the DOTs"

Coming next on
The FAST Act: Opportunities & Innovation Tuesday, September 13, 2016 Lynn Zanto, Transportation Planning Administrator — Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) 10:00am Pacific | 11:00am Mountain | 12:00pm Central | 1:00pm Eastern What is Connecting the DOTs? Learn more here. Register here for the next webinar and get credit for... Read more

Faces of Evotherm: Ryan Brown

Faces of Evotherm: Ryan Brown
Meet Mr. Ryan Brown, Technical Marketing Manager at. He enjoys building customer relationships, educating customers about Ingevity’s technologies, and providing technical assistance on projects. When we talked with him this summer, some of the topics were winter, Mother Teresa and Einstein. Read the details of our interview below. Amy Chiconas... Read more


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